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RV Parts / Towing / Tow bars and Baseplates
Roadmaster Tow bar base plate.
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RV Parts / Towing / Tow bars and Baseplates
Roadmaster NIGHTHAWK TOWBAR Nighthawk... a truly non-binding tow bar made from beautifully-styled aluminum and featuring embedded LED lights along each arm that illuminate with the RV's lights for increased safety. What was once the darkest portion of your towing system is now easily visible to other drivers, and also visible when it comes time to disconnect. Includes internally-routed safety cables and power cord, solid stainless steel inner arms and a heavy-duty 8,000 lb. capacity. It's the first tow bar designed for Roadmaster's direct-connect baseplates, which incorporate the strength of the crossbar into the design so no crossbar is required. Nighthawk is the next generation tow bar created and crafted from raw steel and aluminum into the finest tow bar on the planet. Exclusive design features: • Non-binding Freedom Latch — easiest tow bar in the industry to use and disconnect. • Longest tow bar arms ever produced for superior towing and stability, while providing the largest hook-up radius in the industry. • Aluminum outer arms, solid stainless steel inner arms and baked-on powder-coat finish shield against corrosion. • Enclosed channel for power cords and safety cables keeps things tidy, secure and protected. • Coiled cables and power cord — you'll never need a longer version to accommodate deep drop hitches or extensions • Nylatron bushings — eliminate metal-on-metal friction for less wear, and a smoother ride. • Black matte finish — attractive, durable and textured for easy grip.
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RV Parts / Towing / Tow bars and Baseplates
Roadmaster Tow Bar Base Plate Make HONDA Model CRV Year 2012-2014 Comments Fits all. No brush guard or extra bumper trim package. Vehicle Notes 1 Trimming of spoiler, air dam, grill or plastic fascia may be required on some models of this vehicle. 37 Average Install Time 3 hours Baseplate Style Direct-Connect Driver Side Arm C002383 Passenger Side Arm C002384 Baseplate Arm Notes 2 Roadmaster made more than one baseplate for this vehicle. The replacement arms listed only fit the part number referenced on this page. If this is not your baseplate, return this Baseplate Arm Order Form: PDF to identify the correct replacement arms.
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RV Parts / Towing / Tow bars and Baseplates
Roadmaster Tow bar direct connect base plate.